AI in a Box

Securing your future with On-Premises intelligence

In cooperation with our partners we proudly introduce AI in a Box, a specialized server machine equipped with the latest GPU technology and a software stack that stands out in the realm of artificial intelligence. With a massive model boasting 40 billion parameters, our product guarantees cutting-edge performance without compromising on data security and customization.

  • Data Security and Privacy: Your data stays with you. Operating entirely on-premises and requiring no internet access, our system ensures that data is never shared externally.

  • Integration Capabilities: Through our intuitive API and GUI, integration with your existing systems becomes a breeze.

  • Scalability: Our range of hardware solutions ensures that as your demands grow, our technology seamlessly scales with you.

  • Maintenance: With our optional monthly support package, we’re always there to ensure your AI system remains top-notch.

  • Customizability: Fine-tuning capabilities mean the AI can be uniquely tailored to resonate with your business specifics.

  • Vendor Support: Rest easy with our 6-month warranty and the option for extended support, ensuring continuity and reliability.

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