Information and data protection

This policy declares the way Risk Flow s.r.o. approaches protection of your data. It supplements the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Risk Flow s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "Risk Flow" or "we") provides services and products (hereinafter referred to as "products", "services" or "platform") that are intended for professionals, companies and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as "clients" or "you"). Therefore, you use the Products and Services for your business or other operational needs and for storing various business and personal information.

I. Statement on the security and protection of your data

1. As a platform provider, we are aware of the importance of the security and privacy of you and your data, which is why protecting it is of top importance to us. We feel fully committed to this.

2. We keep your data safe and protect it from various security threats.

3. Your privacy is a priority for us. We fundamentally treat your data and the data of your users in an ethical manner, so we do not trade with them or share them with any third parties, which would be in violation of the personal data protection policy.

II. How your data is protected

The data stored in Risk Flow is secured by several layers of protection. The system works as a web application built on a three-layer architecture that separates the server with the application, the database and the user environment that is launched from the web browser.

1. Security and data protection in the application

2. Security and protection of data transmission

3. Security and protection of data storage

4. Application security - privacy by-design

5. Definition